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Occupational safety

Occupational safety

People come first.
The number of accidents is decreasing.

At thyssenkrupp, occupational safety takes the highest priority. We make no compromises when it comes to protecting our employees from accidents and work-related illnesses. Our vision is to reduce the number of accidents to zero.

Right from the outset, we give our customers and partners the certainty of knowing that we manage occupational safety in a highly professional and systematic manner, a fact borne out by the corresponding certifications. These include the SCC**/SCCP standard for technical service providers and the DIN EN ISO 45001 international standard.

In addition to complying with these standards, we aspire to continue improving our occupational safety record. Each year we set ourselves ambitious targets that we regularly surpass.

As an integral part of the thyssenkrupp Group, it goes without saying that we organize occupational safety at an international level, which enables us to access the Group’s resources in order to train and qualify our employees accordingly.

In all questions of occupational safety, the expertise and efficiency of a globally operating corporate group culminates in one fundamental principle – people come first – no ifs or buts.

The continual downward trend of the Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) proves that we consistently and actively practice our safety philosophy in our everyday working lives.


The guiding principles for working together at the Duisburg-Beeckerwerth site are as follows:

1. “We treat one another with respect and expect the same from all our managers and employees.”

  • Set a good example
  • Respect your counterpart
  • Discuss uncertainties or differences of opinion in a direct way

2. “We do not tolerate harassment or bullying and expect the same standard of conduct from all our managers and employees.”

  • Be open-minded and tolerant
  • Respond to misconduct and discuss it amongst one another
  • Your main contact person is Ms. Sabine Scamoni: +49 208 656 05300

3. “We ensure compliance with the rights and obligations contained in the work regulations and expect the same from all our managers and employees.”

  • Both employers and employees are required to abide by the rules
  • It is important for both sides to be aware of their respective rights and obligations
  • If you have any queries on this subject, please contact your manager

4. “We comply with all occupational safety and health regulations and demand the same of all our managers and employees.”

  • The safety and health of our colleagues has top priority
  • Actively practice occupational safety every day and work constantly on your health
  • If you have any queries, requests, or see ways to improve occupational safety, please contact Mr. Georg Machnik: +49 208 65606 617
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