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Group connectedness

Group connectedness

Togetherness makes us strong.
Both today and in the future.

As a thyssenkrupp Group company, we are part of a strong family. We belong to a network of some 160,000 employees with locations in almost 80 countries. In fiscal year 2016/2017, thyssenkrupp generated total sales of more than 41 billion euros.

Our customers benefit from this Group connectedness, as it enables us to flexibly supplement our own portfolio with the Group’s expertise and breadth of offerings to the extent required, allowing us to activate huge reserves of additional power at short notice in order to manage very large or rapidly growing projects within a tight timeframe. Our customers benefit from seamless workflows, increased efficiency, and greater profitability.

The innovative strength of our globally operating group of companies also gives our customers an advantage in international competition. The proximity of thyssenkrupp to global markets enables us to recognize new, groundbreaking developments at an early stage. We are helping shape progress within our industry and leveraging the resulting expertise for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

Our connectedness to the thyssenkrupp Group makes us even more efficient for our customers than we already are – both today and in the future.

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