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The best thing to do: do your best.

The range and diversity of our system of services has a depth and quality unparalleled throughout Europe. Numerous customers have appreciated this fact for many years and regularly place their trust in our abilities. Apart from practically every well-known steel manufacturer, our reference customers include a great many companies from other industries, such as from the nonferrous metal industry, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the food industry, the automotive and supply industry, and the energy industry.

The following practical examples will give you an idea of our interaction and ability to combine the various disciplines of our operating units to create tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs.

  • 1. Maintenance and repair of processing plants; customer: Cargill
  • 2. Maintenance, repair, dismantling, and relocation of heavy forges and presses; customer: Hirschvogel
  • 3. Maintenance and repair of processing plants; customer: Lhoist
  • 4. Development and manufacture of electrostatic oiling systems for laser-controlled oil weights in a fully automatic system for the steel and automotive industries
  • 5. Comprehensive pipeline engineering for a continuous caster; customer: SMS Group
  • 6. Renewal of steel structures; customer: Wuppertal Suspension Railway
  • 7. Management of the complete fleet of equipment and vehicles, covering wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, dumpers, trucks, and cars for postal and taxi services, including guaranteed availability within a few minutes at the desired location; customer: Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann
  • 8. Repair and re-lining of refractory linings; customer: Outokumpu
  • 9. Construction and operation of a sludge dewatering and drying plant; customer: Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann
  • 10. Construction and operation of a finishing plant for flame cutting and slab grinding; customer: thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg
  • 11. Construction and operation of an automated flame descaling plant for descaling slabs; customer: thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
  • 12. Construction and operation of a washing and drying plant for recycling oiled aluminum chips; customer: VAW-IMCO
  • 13. Manufacture of packaging materials and packaging of coils; customer: thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
  • 14. Supply of wood products for customers in the fields of interior design and furniture-making as well as shop and property fitting
  • 15. Drone-based, high-precision measurement of bulk material storage facilities for regular, detailed inventory; customer: Deutag
  • 16. Construction and operation of slag processing plants and marketing of the slag products for road and path construction purposes; customers: ArcelorMittal, Riva, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Witten, Outokumpu, HKM, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
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