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Wood and Packaging Systems

Wood and Packaging Systems

Customized service

Quality, expert advice, and service are key to our outstanding efficiency. Working from various locations, we provide our customers with wood and sheet metal packaging as well as conventional timber products such as sawn timber, doors, and construction components.

We also provide end-to-end solutions and packaging services that include transportation and shipping. We will be happy to provide our services either directly at your facilities or nearby. Regardless of whether your goods are transported by road, rail, or sea, our packaging adheres to strict quality guidelines and meets all insurance requirements.

Our Wood and Packaging Systems portfolio:

1. Our portfolio of packaging systems

We can provide you with the ideal packaging for your valuable products. It is not only excellent product quality that satisfies customers; optimum handling and safe, just-in-time transportation are also decisive factors.

We package the following:

  • Coils, sheet metal, slit strip, hot- and cold-rolled, in accordance with national and international regulations
  • Tailored blanks for the automotive industry, in accordance with customer specifications
  • Individual boxes and sheds for plant construction and mechanical engineering

The provision of all types of wooden packaging and packaging components for metalworking companies is just one of our focal points.

If required, we can pack your goods for you directly at your plant, using the following:

  • Pallets, wooden packaging, coil bases, boxes
  • Hoods, slats
  • Packaging components, mesh floors

We supply sheet metal and other packaging materials from one single source:

  • Sheet metal profiles for coils and packages
  • Inner and outer edge protection rings for coils
  • Angular sheet metal, head angles, etc. for packages
  • Film, strip iron, Lamiflex, etc.

Our logistics services include:

In-house transportation by crane, forklift, tractor unit and trailer, or using special-purpose systems

Warehousing, all-round solutions on site at the customer’s facilities

Shipping services

We also offer other services, including:

  • Cutting to size on a subcontract basis
  • Services in accordance with the Temporary Employment Act, e.g. the provision of qualified crane drivers
  • Storage solutions and the provision of packaging materials
  • Fiberboard panels
  • Fiberboard disks
  • Film
  • Composite materials
  • Paper
  • Packaging tapes and timber

2. Our wood portfolio

On a total area of 10,000 sqm. in Weeze and 30,000 sqm. in Dillenburg, we stock a selected range of products for construction and furniture-making as well as for high-quality, exclusive interior finishing.

We provide you with the following:

  • Wood-based materials
  • Boards for interior finishing, decorative or real wood veneered
  • MDF: Chipboard, bar, rod, or multiplex boards, both coated and uncoated
  • Solid wood boards 1-layer and 3-layer glued, coniferous or hardwood
  • Packaging plywood in various sizes and qualities
  • Sandwich elements, lightweight panels
  • and lots more

We can supply you with sawn timber and quality wood:

  • Unedged timber
  • Trimmed sawn timber
  • Squared timber, boards, planks, slats, construction timber
  • Profiled boards, planed frames
  • Solid structural timber, glued laminated timber
  • We will definitely be able to provide you with the materials you are looking for in the required shape and size.

Our range of construction components includes:

  • Decorative wooden interior doors and frames
  • Glass doors
  • Fire and smoke protection doors
  • Window sills, ceiling and wall panels
  • Parquet, laminate

We supply you with products from well-known manufacturers. Our expert consultants are experienced, competent employees who can provide you with the advice and assistance you need.

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