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Slag Management

Slag Management

Slag Management

We love slag.

We see slag as a valuable resource that can be converted into economically and ecologically useful and beneficial products.

Slag is generated as the main by-product in nearly all metallurgical processes. Today, the important thing is to find smart uses for products consisting of slag that are in strong market demand. Instead of simply dumping slag at landfill sites, we treat it and turn it into premium products.

Our strategy for efficient slag management comprises a coordinated array of specialized services that embrace the entire production process and are closely tailored to the needs of our customers at their various locations. We supply specific solutions that range from transportation to product marketing.

1. Innovative product development and quality control

Our passion: Research and development

The real needs of our customers determine our daily work in research and development. We aspire to provide you with the finest aggregates and building material blends and therefore practical solutions for your applications from the varieties of steel mill slag. In doing so, we work closely with research institutes and universities to develop innovative products while complying with the relevant technical and environmental standards.

Our own in-house laboratory in Duisburg is equipped with extensive facilities that enable us to conduct research and tests up to pilot-plant scale.

Today’s high standards of aggregate require extensive quality assurance and monitoring. Our laboratories in Duisburg and Brandenburg a. d. Havel, Germany, use the in-plant production control system to analyze and evaluate the quality parameters required for the various products made by thyssenkrupp MillServices & Systems.

Our certified in-plant production control system guarantees high quality standards and includes a regular review of the technical requirements as well as the taking, preparing, and analyzing of samples in accordance with existing standards, performed by qualified specialist staff. Both laboratories conduct a variety of tests and analyses on both natural and industrially manufactured aggregates in accordance with national and European standards and regulations.

An overview of our services:

  • Research and development for the sustainable use of secondary raw materials
  • Preparation of technically and environmentally relevant expertises
  • Engineering and optimization of processing technologies
  • Laboratory and pilot plant trials
  • Sampling in accordance with DIN EN 932-1 and LAGA PN 98
  • Quality assurance of mineral by-products
  • Internal and external training courses

2. Efficient transport solutions

Using our own special-purpose vehicles, we move slag promptly and efficiently from your production area to the slag beds and, after cooling, to the temporary storage site and our processing plants.

We have developed our own efficient logistics system to ensure that the vehicles transporting the slag are always at the right place at the right time.

Major plants in the metal-producing industry have intensive transport volumes. Bulk goods movements need to be meticulously coordinated with one another, which is why we use our own Service Support System as well as supplementary systems when handling challenging assignments, which can also be interlinked with your own programs if required.

All key data, such as the loading location and the destination as well as the number and type of load, are coded. You can enter transport orders in our systems online, which are then checked by one of our schedulers, automated, and sent with corresponding instructions for the driver.

The following are in daily operation:

  • Slag carriers
  • Roll pallets
  • Heavy-duty vehicles, dumpers
  • Tipper trailers
  • Skip loaders
  • 4-axle loaders
  • Flatbed vehicles and minibuses (for personnel transport and courier services)
  • Heavy goods vehicles (tractor units with trailers)
  • Silo trucks

3. Optimized slag bed management

Our highly efficient slag bed management system prior to treatment is the result of a wealth of expertise our specialists have accumulated over decades. The physical characteristics of the finished products as required by end users can be adjusted by precisely timing and controlling the quantity and quality of the slag in the beds.

Our development work and experience in bed design and slag management have generated premium products that meet acknowledged high standards. Particular importance is attached to compliance with constantly changing environmental requirements.

The use of heavy machinery such as excavators and wheel loaders with the right attachments ensures efficient handling of complex slag grades. Together with customers we have also developed innovative techniques for discharging residues and cleaning the ladles.

4. Processing the slag to form quality products and separating the metalliferous fraction

Types of slag from varying production sources are initially stored separately and then according to grain size after processing. Our wide-ranging plant technology enables us to provide quality products that meet individual customer requirements and delivery conditions, while maintaining a consistently high standard.

Our processing activities extend far beyond existing standards applied to the separation of the metal constituents and crushing and screening into various grain fractions. When separating ferrous materials we focus on purity and hence on conserving the inherent value of the recycled materials.

Depending on the location, we process:

  • Blast furnace slag
  • LD converter slag
  • Electric arc furnace slag
  • Stainless steel slag
  • Other types of metallurgical slag

5. Slag Management: Product marketing in the best interests of the customer

We have taken a close look at the potential uses of our products and hence the standards they need to meet. Constant contact with our customers, public agencies, and authorities has ensured ready market acceptance for our products.

Our slag products meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

We can advise you on-site and accompany you to meetings with authorities to explain the various applications of our slag products in order to obtain approval.

Our products are an excellent substitute for natural types of stone such as diabase, basalt, or greywacke and therefore make an invaluable contribution to conserving natural resources.

All the slag grades we produce and market comply with the relevant environmental regulations, standards, and technical supply conditions for the respective aggregates and their applications.

Our applications:

  • Road and path construction, landscaping
  • Horticulture, sports grounds
  • Hydraulic engineering

6. Landfill management

Landfill management is also part of our portfolio. As a service provider for our customer thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, we operate at the Wehofen North and Wehofen West landfills, among other sites.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Environmentally compatible placement of inert waste on the landfill site in accordance with legal requirements
  • Landfill profiling in accordance with technical requirements using modern GPS systems
  • Operation of various facilities, e.g. crushing and screening equipment for processing soils and mixed construction waste
  • Sweeping paved roads on the landfill site
  • Spraying unpaved roads and landfill areas with a water tanker to minimize dust

Our products:

LiDonit® is a synthetic mineral created from the calcium silicate-rich converter slag in accordance with the Linz-Donawitz steel manufacturing process. Silicates and pure oxygen are specifically added to the slag when it is still in liquid form. This unique liquid slag treatment reduces the free lime content and ensures the lasting stability of this product.

What are the special features of LiDonit®?

High PSV values and good bitumen affinity make LiDonit® an excellent mineral for asphalt production. Our 5/8 mm grain size is preferred for producing the top layer made of open-pored asphalt.

The cubic grain shape ensures outstanding stability and water permeability when used as a bedding grain for laying paved footpaths.

The rough surface produces a permanently high grip when used in top layers. The prerequisite for the successful use of LiDonit® in road construction is its high strength coupled with low impact fragmentation values.

Regular external monitoring and our in-plant production control system guarantee the uniform quality of this product.

  • PSV value PSV57
  • Grain shape SI15
  • Impact fragmentation value SZ18

Eolit® is a high-quality product that we obtain from electric furnace slag at our production sites in Brandenburg a. d. Havel and Hennigsdorf. We produce chippings, mixtures, and gravel as well as armourstones according to demand.

What are the special features of Eolit®?

High PSV values and good bitumen affinity make Eolit® an excellent mineral for asphalt production. Our 5/8 mm grain size is preferred for producing the top layer.

As a regularly monitored additive for asphalt production, Eolit® is also popular as a paving bedding material in garden and landscape construction and for industrial sites.

We can also use standardized qualities for hydraulic engineering (embankment and drainage construction) applications from our production sites in Brandenburg a. d. Havel.

Monitored slag mixtures from both locations round off the range of qualities available for use as loose base and frost-protection layers.

The products we offer are all made in accordance with the given standards, which still leaves us sufficient flexibility to implement customer-specific concepts.

  • PSV value PSV58
  • Grain shape SI15
  • Impact fragmentation value SZ18

BaseLith® is a mineral mixture gained from steel production in accordance with the Linz-Donawitz process.

This product is characterized by its versatile range of applications in open construction. High load-bearing and compressive strength and a stable grain filter dependent on the grain size ensure excellent drainage.

BaseLith® is available in grain sizes from 0 to 63 mm, depending on the application. We also offer non-standard grain sizes on request.

BaseLith® is mainly used for constructing forestry roads and paths, for parking areas in landscape and outdoor applications, for stabilizing the substrate in equestrian and sports facilities construction, and also for embankments and filling harbor basins.

Just like other slag products, our BaseLith® is regularly inspected by an independent, accredited testing authority as well as for conformity with the required specifications. It does not contaminate water and is even suitable for applications up to German Water Protection Area III when used below loose top layers.

Target industries for our slag products LiDonit®, Eolit®, and BaseLith®:

  • Road and path construction
  • Landscaping and hydraulic engineering
  • Agricultural industry
  • Cement industry
  • Manufacturing plants that require metal-rich recyclable material for reuse

Our Slag Management locations:

  • Duisburg-Beeckerwerth
  • Duisburg-Huckingen
  • Duisburg-Ruhrort
  • Witten
  • Krefeld
  • Bochum
  • Brandenburg Hennigsdorf
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