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Production Support

Production Support

Production Support

Plenty of options. Plenty of advantages.

Wherever our customers need industrial services, seek support for their production processes, or want to outsource logistics tasks in order to concentrate more closely on their core business – as an industrial partner we can offer you a wide range of service options.

Our production support options range from simply providing manpower to undertaking entire processes, such as constructing and operating crushing and screening plants or operating finishing plants for flame-cutting and grinding slabs. We can undertake a variety of logistical processes on your behalf, from maintaining an entire vehicle fleet to carrying out all your in-house loading and transportation duties.

Our customers benefit from the customized service solutions we provide, which are truly tailored to suit their specific needs instead of just a large number of individual components.

In-plant logistics

Whether you need to haul bulk or heavy goods with special-purpose vehicles, transport liquid slag, or require courier and personnel transport services, we offer a complete package of in-plant transport logistics services.

All-in-one instead of individual solutions

  • Bulk and general cargo transportation
  • Heavy-duty transportation
  • Liquid slag transportation
  • Personnel transportation
  • Courier services

State-of-the-art, IT-based control systems guarantee the availability of the required equipment by the specified deadline. They help reduce the number of vehicles required and minimize empty journeys, downtimes, and breakdowns. An internet-based system enables us to provide customers with 24-hour online access to the required logistics information, including performance management and monthly accounting.

This means, for example, that when transporting personnel within your works site, we can guarantee that every employee will be picked up and driven to their destination within 10 minutes of receiving your instructions.

Logistics data relating to bulk goods and heavy goods transportation such as location, loading, and transport orders are recorded at all times. External trucks are registered at the plant entrance and monitored until they leave the site.

Obtaining transport services and fleet management from a single source enables vehicles and workshop capacities to be optimized for a high degree of uptime and operating dependability while keeping costs to a minimum at the same time.

We can handle the entire range of bulk and general cargo transportation for our customers, whether packaged machine parts, fine grains, light coal, heavy ores, dusts and sludges, hot liquid slag, production scrap, or finished slabs and coils. Logistics data such as location, loading, and transport orders are recorded immediately and can be accessed at any time. In addition to our own handling equipment, the customer’s loading and unloading units are also closely integrated in the supply chain.

This type of in-plant transportation includes the movement of heavy, oversized components and machinery, usually between a production site and the workshops. Heavy-duty transportation, in some cases with an escort, requires a high degree of precision, care, and coordination. Our workforce is specially trained for and familiarized with these assignments. Equipment is selected for particular tasks and specially maintained to ensure a smooth, flawless workflow.

Our extensive and varied fleet of vehicles and machinery is serviced and maintained in our own workshops and with the assistance of authorized service specialists, enabling us to ensure that the vehicles are always available at the right time for maximum efficiency. If third-party vehicles are used – often only within the plant – we can provide the necessary support facilities including regular technical inspections, allowing us to keep the costs under control.

Production Support

Do you want to focus fully on your customers and continuously increase the quality, quantity, and effectiveness of your production? We effectively reduce your workload by carrying out tasks that support your production processes.

We offer all-in-one concepts instead of individual solutions:

1. Dewatering and sludge drying

2. Operating conveying, crushing, and screening equipment

3. Bucket and ladle management

4. Cleaning of ladle edges, runners and vessel mouths

5. Maintenance and repairs

6. Processing of production residues

7. Finishing services

Your customers expect you to deliver tailor-made products – we provide a broad array of finishing services.

Steel mills continuously cast vast quantities of products in all shapes and sizes, such as slabs, billets, sheets, or coils, which sometimes need to undergo further treatment.

We provide the following finishing services:

  • Slab flame-cutting and trimming
  • Customized treatment of blooms and billets
  • Slitting and cutting to length
  • Cold mechanical treatment
  • Surface treatments

We can eliminate surface blemishes by mechanical or manual flame scarfing, we can perform cold mechanical machining, the slitting and cutting to length of starting materials, or product-related processes such as resizing and forming.

Jobs such as these can only be partly automated and require in-depth knowledge of the material as well as the downstream production stages. Steel is our specialty and for this reason we can draw on the vast experience of our highly trained staff. Cost savings and enhanced flexibility will increase your competitiveness.

8. Scrap and skull processing

We can professionally process scrap for recycling in electric arc furnaces and converters on your behalf. You can also rely on us to handle the manual processing of slag skulls with lances using firing hoods, the mechanical crushing of skulls, and the collection and in-plant transportation of scrap and skulls in special-purpose containers with heavy trucks.

Our equipment pool for skull processing:

  • Cat 980 with power grapple for handling small skulls, fired skull pieces, and runners
  • CAT 988 for moving large skulls (up to 30 tonnes) to temporary storage or under the firing hoods
  • Mobile excavators, in some cases equipped with magnets and balls, for removing slag residue from the skulls and for loading skulls ready for charging
  • Mobile firing hoods and stationary firing chambers including extraction units for fragmenting skulls to the prescribed charging size of 1,500 x 500 x 500 mm using a combustion tube


  • SGA skulls
  • Tundish skulls
  • Pit skulls
  • Converter mouth skulls
  • Ladle skulls
  • Casting bay skulls
  • Drop ball skulls
  • Pig iron desulphurization skulls

9. Provision of equipment and personnel

We can provide you with qualified personnel and equipment (with or without operators), on a one-off, regular, or permanent basis.

Our personnel can work under your instructions or with our own managers, depending on your needs. We can provide security officers, crane operators, forklift drivers, cleaners, and lots more – just ask us!

We can also undertake the running and management of your vehicle fleet to give you greater flexibility and help cut costs, especially on larger sites.

Provision of personnel:

  • Equipment operators
  • Crane operators
  • Fitters and electricians
  • Assemblers

Provision of equipment:

  • Transporters
  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Forklifts

10. Refractory waste and linings

To protect sensitive machinery from molten iron and steel, etc. the furnaces, vessels, and runners are clad with refractory or wear linings.

The careful selection of the reusable bricks, the mortar, and the gunning materials as well as the high-precision implementation of the work are essential for the durability of these linings.

From the mechanical or manual removal of refractory waste to the installation of the lining or choice of materials, we are always available to assist you. Teaming with specialist firms, we can optimize your processes based on wear patterns and operating cycles.

Our services include refractory waste and refractory re-lining for:

  • Converters
  • Electric furnaces
  • Torpedo ladles
  • Various types of ladles
  • Runners
  • Special-purpose vessels and pot carriers

11. Mechanical and manual cleaning

Optimum production conditions require a great many associated activities either directly on the production line or in the immediate vicinity.

We can provide the equipment you need, whether for cleaning a converter vessel, clearing out a basement, cleaning conveyor systems, filters, production areas and roads, paths, and other outdoor areas. We can take care of all your cleaning needs, from the port, to the production area, to the dispatch department. Dedicated excavators, GPS-controlled sweepers, and our skilled staff keep your production up and running.

Mechanical and manual cleaning:

  • Sweepers for roads, paths, and production buildings
  • Manual plant cleaning
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