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Plant Services

Plant Services

Plant Services

Expertise with tradition.

The Plant Services operating unit has been a tradition at thyssenkrupp MillServices & Systems for more than four decades. We have gained a great deal of experience in this field and are able to leverage it for your maximum benefit.

If the worst comes to the worst, our core concern is to reduce downtimes at your plants to a minimum and take the workload off your personnel.

We do everything within our power so that you can fully concentrate on the most important thing, i.e. your core business.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of our Plant Services portfolio. Moreover, please feel free to contact us for services such as relocating and/or assembling machines, pipeline engineering, or crane services.

Our Plant Services portfolio:

1. Maintenance and repairs

We can provide you with maintenance services wherever you wish and fit in seamlessly with your maintenance concept. If required, we can also develop and implement solutions closely tailored to meet the specific needs of your production facilities.

We carry out regular maintenance work with the same degree of competence and safety as all the other various special tasks that the day-to-day business of running production facilities repeatedly entails.

In close cooperation with you, we optimize both the uptime and the lifespan of your production equipment.

Our service and maintenance portfolio includes:

  • Complete system overhauls
  • Procurement or manufacture and replacement of spare parts
  • Dismantling and reassembly
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic work
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Implementing major repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
    • Pump and machinery maintenance
    • Maintenance of solid handling systems
    • Valve testing
    • Testing of safety technology
  • Condition-based maintenance
    • Patrols and visual checks
    • Analysis of condition and measurement data
    • Preparation of status reports
    • Repair recommendations
  • Repairs
    • All types of gears
    • Leveling cassettes
    • Reels

Our aim is to help you maximize your productivity by minimizing downtime through fast and reliable service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. With our numerous support bases, we are always directly on site at our customers’ premises.

2. Forge and press service

Our forge and press service field is a spin-off from ThyssenKrupp Rema and focuses primarily on assembling and maintaining large-scale presses and forges. Our employees are highly qualified specialists who are highly familiar with our customers’ requirements and systems. They are on the spot when needed, form flexible fitting and maintenance teams, or are permanently on site at the premises of our major customers.

The greater the demands placed on a production system, the more important it is to keep it professionally maintained and in good repair. If required, we can provide you with a full-range concept for these services, including a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, detailed process planning, and the professional implementation of any work that needs to be carried out.

Our forge and press portfolio includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Statutory accident prevention inspections
  • Dismantling and reassembly
  • Relocation and repositioning of equipment
  • Modernization

Your advantages:

  • International orientation
  • Permission to provide temporary staff on a professional basis
  • Fast, flexible order processing
    • Provision of tool containers
    • Site management by our supervisors
    • Large pool of skilled specialists

We are also the right partner to contact when it comes to installing new systems, converting existing ones, or transporting them to another location for reinstallation. This also applies to the general overhaul of your heavy-duty forges and presses in dedicated workshops at our company. We ensure that your facilities are swiftly back in action, so that your systems can operate at full capacity again as soon as possible.

3. Production and spare parts service and steelwork

Our efficient, flexible workshops enable us to meet individual customer orders as well as carry out repairs on production facilities and perform large-scale assembly work. Whether making individual parts based on drawings, steelwork, mechanical production and plastic welding, or manufacturing complete assemblies, our workshops are equipped for every eventuality.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Workshop assembly
  • Mechanical processing of steel structures
  • Efficient, flexible workshop
  • Production of single parts based on drawings
  • Component production
  • Plant engineering
  • Measuring with laser tracker

Production management:

Whether producing single parts based on drawings or delivering complex systems – we do things directly. Our quality assurance system ensures that each production component is made with high-quality workmanship and carefully assembled in the workshop, even when lead times are extremely short.

We offer you workshop service around the clock, focusing on the requirements of fast, short-term customer deployments.

Our steelwork services include:

  • Up to 30 tonnes’ production weight per part
  • Autogenous flame-cut parts up to 300 mm in thickness and 9,000 mm in length
  • HiFit treatment of components
  • Welding processes: E-hand 111, WIG 141, UP 121, MAG 135, 136, 138
  • Welding certificate in accordance with DIN EN 1090 EXC 3 new: ISO 3834-2
  • Welding of rolling stock and railway vehicle parts in accordance with CL1 EN 15085-2
  • Certified welders in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1
  • In-house welding shop for training
  • Testing staff for non-destructive testing: UT2, MT2, VT2, RT2 FAS, HT2
  • Welding engineers, welding specialists
  • QM system for welding technology

4. Engineering

Our qualified, flexible and experienced team of engineers and technicians is capable of developing the right all-round solution for every technical problem – often when others only suggest purchasing new equipment.

Our industrial experience ranges from metal production and manufacturing to general mechanical and plant engineering.

Exact basic and detailed engineering is the cornerstone of every optimally functioning technical system. Our engineers and technicians know what is important and work with you to find the right solutions to every technical challenge.

Our range of engineering services includes:

  • 2D and 3D design drafts
  • CAD component design
  • Documentation
  • Technical calculations and simulations
  • Parts lists

When it comes to process automation, we are just the right partner for you. Whether plant engineering, developing the control system, designing the graphical user interface, or the final commissioning – when it comes to automation, we are in our element.

Our range of services includes:

  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Visualization
  • Commissioning
  • Drive technology

5. Plant services for metallurgical systems

Services for metallurgical systems – we are definitely the right company to contact. We offer you a complete range of services for steelworking plants and blast furnaces. Whether design, production, assembly, conversion, replacement, repair, or delivery, we provide you with everything you need from one single source.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Blast furnaces
    • Steelworking
    • Stave replacement
    • Cooling box replacement
    • All assembly work
    • Pipes
  • Rolling mills and continuous casting plants
  • Hot-blast stoves
  • Gas purification systems
  • Sintering and coking plants
  • Finishing and coating plants
  • Converters
  • Electric ovens

6. Plant services for materials handling, finishing plants, and rolling mill facilities

When it comes to optimizing materials handling processes, you have come to the right people. Our expertise, experience, flexibility, and ingenuity will also help us find the right solution for moving your materials.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Finishing plants for bars, tubes, slabs, and billets
  • Manipulators
  • Drivers
  • Roller conveyors
  • Finishing plants for furnaces
  • Cooling bed systems
  • Slab turners
  • Coil lift trucks
  • Press feeding systems
  • Tundish cars
  • Ladle transfer cars

7. Shutdown management

From planning to implementation, we can undertake the complete or partial handling of shutdowns on your behalf. Our experienced, qualified staff can design an individual concept tailored to suit your needs, manage the implementation and coordination, and hand over the turnkey project to you.

Our range of services includes:

  • Turnkey management
  • Assembly concepts
  • Detailed assembly sequence planning
  • Assembly-related engineering
  • Project organization
  • Coordination of the various specialists
  • Quality assurance, safety and health planning
  • Risk and hazard analyses
  • Steel and engineering measurement work
  • Logistic concept
  • Procurement and supply of spare parts

Our professional experience in providing plant services:

  • Steel and rolling mill equipment
  • General mechanical and plant engineering (including specific know-how in mechanics, electrics, and hydraulics)
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry plants
  • Food industry plants
  • Energy production plants
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