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Value-added principle

We do more. For your added value.

Quality is a self-evident, vital aspect of the way we do business. In addition, our customers expect us to have wide-ranging experience and a high degree of competence. And not least, they require a strong partner who gives occupational safety the highest priority. We meet these requirements exactly and focus all our efforts on one aim – achieving a well-tailored solution for every single customer – something we call the value-added principle.

This outstanding level of performance is firmly integrated in the services we provide. We reliably and verifiably meet all the framework conditions that are commercially decisive for our customers’ positive outcomes.

Occupational safety is our foremost priority in every respect. We have all the necessary safety and occupational safety management systems and certifications, such as those based on OHSAS 18001. At thyssenkrupp, occupational safety and health always come first.

We have built up a wealth of experience in our industry over many decades. We understand the needs of our customers in every detail. However, for us, this experience does not mean resting on our laurels, but forms the cornerstone for focusing on shaping an even better future.

Expertise and know-how are essential factors for ensuring the outstanding quality of our services. Contemporary industrial services include performing a great many demanding tasks. Our employees are qualified to do so in every respect and are constantly building on their skills through further training.

Our connection to the thyssenkrupp Group gives us access to additional service resources that enable us to quickly and effectively tackle even the most extensive of projects. Our customers can therefore rely on our efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to schedules under any circumstances.

As a provider of high-quality industrial services, we have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to “sustainability and sustainable action”.

By sustainability we mean the integration of environmental concerns, social responsibility, and economic prosperity in a common corporate development strategy – both for our customers and for ourselves.

In our business, quality is the essential focus, a fact reliably demonstrated by the many certifications we have gained. In our daily work, we are guided by our highly effective quality management system and we strive continually to enhance our level of quality.

Our system creates your success.

Basically, we always design our services so that individual factors can mutually reinforce one another, i.e. know-how improves quality, experience optimizes occupational safety, Group affiliation increases flexibility. These interacting factors create added value that genuinely benefits our customers.

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